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Alamo Group (TX) Inc

Seguin, TX, United States

Phone: 830-372-9578
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Serving both governmental and industrial users of right-of-way maintenance equipment is a challenge. We strive to address our customer's evolving requirements through aggressive R&D and continuous product updates that improve the productivity and efficiency of our vacuum trucks, street and parking lot sweepers, snow removal equipment and roadside mower products.


    Alamo Industrial
    1502 E. Walnut Street
    Seguin, TX 78155
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    Alamo Industrial® has been supplying mowers to the governmental, agricultural and commercial turf markets for over 45 years. We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of tractor-mounted mowers, brush-cutters and other similar equipment made for right-of-way clearing, roadside vegetation management and grounds maintenance. Alamo Industrial has a wide array of products including rotary, flail, and sickle bar mowers. Our best in class boom mowers are offered with many types of cutting heads to accommodate the challenges our customers face.

    Our specialty products include remote control equipment, which can assist with mowing needs as well as help to clear snow, debris and other challenging material in areas that standard equipment is unable to reach. Other specialty equipment includes supersized boom packages to fit the needs for the Department of Defense and Forestry segments. We have built our products with the guidance from the end user and we welcome opportunities, challenges and innovative ideas to create the next generation of equipment for our customers’ needs. Alamo Industrial views the sale of our products as just a beginning. We stand behind our products with quality OEM parts and a top notch customer service team. We offer operator and technician training at the factory and in the field

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