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Paris, France

Phone: +86 21 3461 7088
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BASSETTI is a well-established company in the field of Technical Expertise Management®.

BASSETTI is the publisher and integrator of TEEXMA®, the software that is designed to capitalize on the technical and scientific data of industrial enterprises in a collaborative environment. Going further beyond the management of technical data, TEEXMA® is also specifically designed to capture and capitalize on a company's technical know-how.

BASSETTI also readily offers consulting services to assist these companies even further with the capitalization of their internal technical know-how.

Technical Expertise Management® is a project that consists of putting various methods, procedures, and software into place and aims at structuring, archiving, and diffusing crucial knowledge within a company.

At BASSETTI we address ourselves in this manner to the services of Research & Development, study facilities, laboratories, and methods departments of large companies and SMEs.

Our expertise is situated at the intersection of 3 main areas :

  • Knowledge Management
  • Information technology
  • The science of engineering



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