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Synergy Consulting Engineers, INC

Belmont, MI, United States

Phone: 616.726.5025
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Synergy is Your Strategic Partner in Exceptional Facility Performance
Our team’s talent runs deep and covers multiple disciplines. Working in a collaborative environment, we leverage cutting-edge technology and equipment in conjunction with custom building performance analysis software to equip our clients with intelligent, healthy facilities that perform with excellence that is sustainable.

Architectural Engineering

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Synergy´s Architectural Engineering Group provides complete solutions that maximize building performance and reduce demand on natural resources through sustainable, efficient systems operation. Our whole systems approach to peak building performance is accomplished by applying the latest in building science, systems technology, performance data analysis, alternative energy, and post-project performance tracking. Our focus on systems efficiency increases building value, improves comfort and safety, ensures building functionality, and extends equipment service life. Net result: long-term cost savings and less impact on the environment.

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