Jet Capsule – The Mini, Pod-Like Yacht

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For those of us without millions of dollars to spend on a luxury yacht, there’s finally relief. Italian design firm Lazzarini Design have created a miniature pod-like yacht that contain all of the luxury you’d find on the world’s most opulent craft.

The 25 foot long, 11 foot wide Jet Capsule is large enough to seat 8 passengers, comes furnished with teak floors and has a bedroom conversion feature to go along with its bathroom and optional kitchen compartment.

Powering the miniature yacht is Hamiliton water jet engine that outputs 300 horsepower which will give the Jet Capsule enough oomph to reach 25 knots. According to Lazzarinni, the miniature yacht was created to be “a boat small enough to be easily maneuvered, yet spacious enough to take a handful of friends out for drinks, over to a port for an evening’s entertainment.

For those interested in the mini-yacht of the future Lazzarini has pegged its opening price at $250,000.

Image and Video Courtesy of Jet Capsule