Jay Leno and 3D Printing

One of the biggest issues with collecting old cars, especially if you use them, is trying to find replacement parts. Popular Mechanics has a great column highlighting how one well known car collector solves this problem.

We all know Jay Leno to be one of the world’s most avid car collectors. Inside his garage, you’ll find Doble steam cars, Duesenbergs and myriad other autos and motorcycles.  What I was surprised to find out is that amongst all of these classics is a complete rapid prototyping setup.

Jay writes, “My 1907 White Steamer has a feedwater heater, a part that bolts onto the cylinders. It’s made of aluminum, and over the 100-plus years it’s been in use, the metal has become so porous you can see steam and oil seeping through… So, rather than have a machinist try to copy the heater and then build it, we decided to redesign the original using our NextEngine 3D scanner and Dimension 3D printer.”

Now, if he’d only tell this tale on “The Tonight Show,” maybe 3D printing could gain an even wider audience.

Read the entire article at Popular Mechanics

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