Internet of things enables the “Good Night Lamp”

The Internet of Things-based lamp is a new way of saying "good night" to your friends and loved ones anywhere, anytime.


Thanks to social media apps, there are lots of ways to “stay connected” when you are traveling.  The new cloud-based lamp called the “Good Night Lamp” is adding a new form of ‘social connectedness’ with a global network of ‘lamps’.

The Good Night Lamp is an implementation of the “Internet of Things” in a home environment. It consists of a group of Wi-Fi enabled lamps: A Big Lamp and a number of Little Lamps. Both types of lamps have stand-alone microprocessors that directly connect them to the internet. The Big Lamp controls the Little Lamps remotely using the cloud.

The Big Lamp is intended for use by you in your home. The Little Lamps are to be used by your friends or family anywhere around the world.  As soon as you turn the Big Lamp on or off, the connected Little Lamp at a remote location also turns on or off. This is sort of a “light message” to tell your friends or loved ones that you’ve gone to bed.

Applications for the Good Night Lamp could be to keep an eye on your loved ones who live alone or to stay connected with family members who live abroad. And you don’t have to be logged in on your computer to stay connected.  The continuous Internet connection maintains your contact as long as there is an active wireless internet connection.

You can see a few more examples on the uses of this device in the video demonstration below.