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Intel achieves photonics milestone

Intel says it’s reached a “revolutionary milestone” in photonics by demonstrating what it says is the first-ever fully integrated optical I/O chiplet. Unveiled at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) 2024, the optical compute interconnect (OCI) chiplet was co-packaged with an Intel CPU and ran live data, according to Intel. The chipmaker said in its press release that it expects the OCI chiplet to “revolutionize high-speed data processing for AI infrastructure.”

Intel’s recently demonstrated optical compute interconnect chiplet. (Image: Intel.)

Asus NUC 14 Pro+ supports local generative AI

Asus announced a new ultracompact PC, the NUC 14 Pro+, that it says is the first of its NUC lineup to offer Intel Core Ultra 9 CPUs. These processors include a neural processing unit (NPU) that allow the NUC 14 Pro+ to run local generative AI workloads. Housed in a 5-inch by 4-inch anodized aluminum chassis, the NUC 14 Pro+ can support up to four 4K displays through a combination of HDMI, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt outputs.

The Asus NUC 14 Pro+. (Image: Asus.)

Lenovo appoints chief security and AI officer

Lenovo has expanded the role of its chief security officer, Doug Fisher, to encompass artificial intelligence (AI). In his new role as chief security and AI officer, Fisher will lead AI governance and “champion” Lenovo’s AI policy alongside the company’s Responsible AI Committee.

In a press release announcing Fisher’s expanded role, Lenovo listed the three pillars of its AI policy as not using AI “in ways that harm people or put them or their rights at risk,” ensuring that its AI solutions are “fair, transparent, explainable, and efficient,” and committing to “protect people’s privacy at all stages of the AI Lifecyle.”

HP hires Karen Parkhill as CFO

HP Inc. announced that it’s hired a new chief financial officer, Karen Parkhill. Parkhill most recently served as CFO of healthcare technology company Medtronic and will join HP on August 5, 2024. She will replace interim CFO Tim Brown, who will step back to his role as head of Print Finance, according to HP.

“HP’s transformation over the past eight years has been extraordinary to watch and I look forward to working with a stellar team of professionals to advance the shared goal of creating long-term sustainable growth,” Parkhill said in HP’s press release.

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