INFOGRAPHIC: US Manufacturing Focus by State

Breaking down each state’s manufacturing focus based on annual employment.

The strength of American manufacturing comes not only from volume, but from diversity as well. From motor vehicles to food to plastic products, manufacturing industries are spread far and wide across the United States.

The infographic below from Bid on Equipment, an online marketplace for packaging and processing machinery, offers an overview of the top manufacturing focus in each state, based on annual employment.

A quick glance at the map confirms that the West Coast owns electronics. Food processing is big in the Great Plains and a good chunk of transportation manufacturing occurs in the Midwest and South. The East Coast is sprinkled with healthcare-related operations, plastic products and electronics.

A closer examination reveals other interesting points. For example, Arizona and California both have the same top three industries: aerospace products and parts, semiconductors and electronic components and electronic instruments.

Check out the complete infographic below for more information:

(Infographic courtesy of Bid on Equipment.)