Infographic: 3D Printing: How Long till the Revolution

In a newly released infographic, 3D printings uses and the history of technological adoption are seamlessly interwoven to illuminate exactly where we as a society are with regards to the 3D printing revolution.

Using the invention of previous communication technologies and computers as its benchmark the graphic reveals that a full-fledged 3D printing revolution, where a printer sits in every US home, might not be as far off as some expect.

What’s more, the future of 3D printing looks even more exciting than the present given new research in the fields of bioprinting and molecular beam epitaxy.

While 3D printing will likely change the way people consume products and design, will it bring about a rise in Maker/DIY culture? You’re guess is as good as mine, but given how curious humans are, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3D printing revolution didn’t result in a design and product renaissance.  

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Infographic Courtesy of Newark