Industry Leaders Launch IoT Education Initiatives

Telit’s IoT executive handbook and Penton’s IoT Institute to educate market on the Internet of Things

Recently, industry leaders launched two initiatives to educate the community about the Internet of Things (IoT). These initiatives will help engineers and their managers to be more informed when making IoT decisions.

Telit’s IoT Executive Handbook

Internet of Things Executive Handbook. (Image courtesy of Telit.)

Internet of Things Executive Handbook. (Image courtesy of Telit.)

The first initiative is Telit’s Internet of Things Executive Handbook. This technical document is designed to give decision makers a technical, economic and social impact perspective on the IoT. IT is produced by Telit, the machine-to-machine communication company and providers of the IoT platform the Telit IoT Portal

The industry is currently facing a lot of changes thanks to the IoT. These changes will lead many organizations to potential pitfalls and opportunities. This handbook is designed to give the decision makers at these organizations the information they need to ensure that they are on the right side of the market shifts.

The handbook is also accompanied by a website where industry leaders can continue to share their ideas and strategies for the IoT in an open platform.

 “The Internet of Things is, first of all, an Internet of Ideas,” said Alexander Bufalino, chief marketing officer at Telit. “To look at this multifaceted and complex phenomenon, just in terms of isolated technologies, strategies or product designs, is not constructive. We wanted to share the fascination emerging from joining different perspectives and concepts.”

The Internet of Things Executive Handbook gathers interviews and articles from 30 industry leaders, founders of technology startups, scientists, analysts and journalists. The book is broken down into five chapters that cover:

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Automotive IoT
  • Cloud computing and big data
  • Sports
  • Skills and education

For more on the Internet of Things Executive Handbook, follow this link.

Penton’s IoT Institute to Educate the Growing Connected Market

Another educational initiative for the engineering community is centered around a partnership between Penton’s IoT Institute and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). The partnership will work together on research initiatives to help educate the industry. The two will also collaborate on the IoT Solutions World Congress Awards program and other events like the Industrie 4.0 forum at Hannover Messe 2016.

Penton’s IoT Institute is an online community that offers research and live events to expand IoT knowledge. The IIC is a public-private organization that hopes to improve the uptake of the IoT by enabling industry members to use it.

“We’ve launched the IoT Institute because our users are seeing a gap in information on the topic of IoT that we can deliver,” said Karen Field, executive director of content, IoT Institute. “IIC is a strong global advocate for industrial IoT. Their objectives to educate and promote industry best practices are in perfect alignment with our goals. We believe this partnership will strengthen and amplify both IIC and our efforts. We are thrilled to join the IIC as a member.”

“Penton’s IoT Institute is perfectly positioned in the market with its focus on Industrial IoT and Smart Cities and its mission to move the market forward with real-world case studies and a focus on empowering collaborative decision making teams,” said William Hoffman, president, IIC. “We’re pleased to have them join the IIC as a member, as our goals are well aligned and the partnership will provide visibility and a platform to showcase the work of the IIC and its member companies.”

To find out more about the IoT Institute, follow this link.

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Shawn Wasserman

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