Hypertherm Announces Major Upgrade to ProNest 2017

Advanced CAD/CAM software includes new features to improve efficiency and cost for automatic cutting.

If you aren’t familiar with New Hampshire-based Hypertherm, this company’s advanced cutting products, which include waterjet, plasma and laser cutting systems, are used in many different industries, including car repair, manufacturing and shipbuilding. Hypertherm also produces robotic software and consumables as well as CNC motion and height controls. They’ve been innovating cutting systems since 1968, when the company invented water-injection plasma cutting. The latest product from Hypertherm is an enhanced version of ProNest 2017, a CAD/CAM software for advanced mechanized cutting.  

ProNest 2017 has optimized process parameters, and is easier to set up. (Image courtesy of Hypertherm.)

ProNest 2017 has optimized process parameters, and is easier to set up. (Image courtesy of Hypertherm.)

An established company like Hypertherm has a huge global team of support and service employees who, in the course of their work, receive a lot of great feedback about different issues that users are having with the company’s products. In addition to being the only software that has full support for Hypertherm’s SureCut technology (i.e., Rapid Part, True Bevel, True Hole), the new version has some useful new features.

Features of the ProNest 2017 Upgrade

For faster nesting, the new version of ProNest has some manual nesting improvements, such as a drag array and anchor part to cursor. Hypertherm has also added an automatic bumping functionality for added control as well as speed.

There’s a new color-by-part property that uses designated attributes, such as name, priority and work order number, to fill colors in part images for swifter location.  

Hypertherm has also redesigned the drill machine interface for oxyfuel and plasma machines that integrate spindle operations, such as tapping and drilling directly in ProNest 2017. And they’ve retooled ProNest 2017 for 64-bit compatibility to utilize extra memory on a 64-bit operating system and its CPU. 

If you aren’t familiar with Hypertherm’s subscription services, they are bundled with one-on-one training sessions (for individuals or staff), unlimited technical support and updates with detailed bug fixes.

If you have an active annual software subscription, you can upgrade to the new version of ProNest 2017 at no additional charge.