How Many Resumes Should I Have?

Many job seekers have just one resume, while some have three or more.

Many job seekers have just one resume, while some have three or more. Quite a few wonder if a single resume is all they require. What your work objectives are will help you assess whether you require more than one resume. Generally speaking, you should have multiple resumes if you’re searching in more than a single field. A resume to an engineering job is different than a resume for an advertising job

Why can’t I put all my information in one resume?

Well, you should have a single resume that contains all of your details and achievements, which you can then use as a reference point to help you construct several other highly targeted resumes. Do the people wanting to recruit you require all this information? It’s extremely unlikely.

For example, you might be considering a few job opportunities in the same industry, but which have completely different qualifications. Including unrelated details in your resume will risk creating confusion for the employer. The trick is to focus each resume, and tailor it towards the selected position, highlighting the reasons why you’re a fantastic pick.

So how many resumes do you need? Often the number will depend on what kind of jobs or how many different career goals you are thinking about.

Using a standard resume to target different career goals is too unclear and doesn’t help to highlight the reasons why you’re a great fit for a specific position. The goal is always to have the potential employer take a look at your resume and know instantly that you’re a great candidate for the job. Anything that gets in the way of this objective is not important, and could likely see your resume in the trash.

It is preferable to have another individual take a look at your resume before you use it to apply. If they are unable to determine your goals or figure out how your skills are relevant to the job, most hiring managers probably will not be able to, either. This could be a sign that you have your skills and goals mismatched, and therefore are in need of multiple resumes.