How do you convert kilograms to litres

How do you convert kilograms to litres

First of all, as Kg is a mass measurement and a litre is a volume there can be no straight conversion factor as various materials have differing densities.

You would need to know the Specific Density of the material. The SG is a ratio (usually expressed as decimal) which compares the density of any material with that of water. Water is given the SG of 1.00 so that a piece of lead would have an SG of greater than 1.00 and most woods an SG of less than 1.00

One constant is that of liquid water where 1Kg = 1Ltr so if that’s your problem, then it is a straight 1:1 conversion

It’s very similar to converting pounds to gallons

The kilogram is a unit of mass;
The litre is a unit of volume;
Both parameters are related by:
It therefore implies that:
mass=density * volume, and volume=mass/density.
So for a given mass of a material in kilogram, with a known density(determined from tables of standards, or even other reliable scientific means in kg/litres),the volume can be determined by direct substitution.