How Can Make: Projects Assist with Remote Learning?

Make: Projects creates an environment for teachers to encourage ingenuity and innovation.

Remote and distance learning is now the norm, and the upcoming academic year will be the most different and dynamic year to come in all sectors. The pandemic has pushed both the workforce and education into the 4th Industrial Revolution and students, professors and researchers can all leverage online spaces to be remarkable tools for learning.

However, adapting the entire education system to remote learning will see challenges, and the new tools required will be replacing or supplementing the traditional in-person learning experience for creating a project.

It is important that the delivery of remote learning is both simple and effective. This is where Make: Projects presents a useful tool for teachers and remote learning. Make: Projects is a unique collaboration platform for generating projects.

Would-be graduates, engineers and entrepreneurs, with experienced education staff are learning and teaching how to develop feasible projects. A feasible project means the project will carry engineering advantages, technical excellence and a competitive edge.

How is Make: Projects a Great Tool for Learning?

Make: Projects is an online collaboration platform, and so much more.

Teachers and instructors from all institutions can go online and begin class assignments, tasks, lessons, and develop project assignments through the platform, at a scheduled time or asynchronously. The platform offers several advantages, such as the interface, the networking between users and design assistance with positive steps to build worthy and competent projects. For example, if the class has weekly reviews, students can use Make: Projects to share their progress in several ways from visual graphic presentation, to sharing research papers, articles and videos, as well as peer-reviews and brainstorming. 

Since the platform is online, teachers can begin a class, exclusively invite students to join as individuals or groups, and document each process of the steps taken for their assignments. The project can be tracked daily, and students can ask questions, give feedback and brainstorm—all in real-time.

In the end, students will have a project that they can showcase and take further should they decide to. If the students decide to showcase their project on the public platform, they are in the heart of a Maker Space community and can receive insight and input from experts and leaders. The largest value of the platform is the support for on-going student engagement. There are several additional features that can help with that, depending on the project and assignment, ranging from templates, whiteboards, contests, awards and community chat. 

All these factors enhance the passion and excitement for would-be engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs and students with a learning spirit. The platform can help with integrating expertise from various fields of study and develop those projects and assignments. Make: Projects is a nurturing environment that fosters ingenuity and innovation.

If you or your school is interested in Make: Projects for online learning, please reach out.