HOOPS Visualize v20 by Tech Soft 3D

HOOPS Visualize v20 optimizes the engineering industry’s most-trusted solution for adding high-end graphics to professional applications.

The first of the Product Suites to be released from Tech Soft 3D based on their earlier announcement is HOOPS Visualize.

HOOPS Visualize v20 optimizes performance for large model visualization and interaction.  Software developers can be assured that their programs will work on any hardware because of a new intelligent recognition system within Visualize v20.  Other updates include:

  • Collision Detection Speed
  • Large Model Rendering
  • DirectX11 Support
  • Intelligent Driver Selection

HOOPS Visualize may not be the graphics engine behind every major CAD system, but it is behind many of the leading visualization tools (even your CAD system’s “viewer” application).  Design work may not be improved, but the workflows that include sharing data should be.  I’m still looking forward to the great things to come from the updated suites from Tech Soft 3D.