Hod Lipson on 3D Printed Guns

guns, hod lipson, gun powder, defdist, weaponHod Lipson, a professor of engineering at Cornell University and 3D printing researcher, says that controlling gun power, not guns, is the key to making us safer.

In the past year, we’ve seen two tides rise at the same time. One is the wish to control the sale and distribution of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. The other is the wish to distribute these weapons freely using the internet and 3D printing.

It seems pretty clear that no legislation will be able to stop individuals from acquiring high-capacity magazines or assault weapons if they really want them. “Perhaps the only way forward, if we choose to try and control this, is to control the gunpowder — the explosives — and not the actual device,” says Lipson.

The professor has a good point, no matter what type of fire arm you’re carrying, whether it be a Glock or a 12-guage, there’s going to be gunpowder inside the bullets you’re carrying.

Before anyone begins sending hate mail to Prof. Lipson, first understand that he hasn’t taken a side on the gun control debate. He’s simply acknowledging that 3D printing has shifted the playing field on this issue. In Lipson’s own words, “Whether or not there should be gun control as an issue — I’m trying to avoid the question…”

Image Courtesy of Cornell Story via Wired