Hexagon Unveils Measurement and Laser Scanning Solutions at EASTEC 2021

The new offerings are expected to enable faster and more precise 3D scanning for manufacturing applications.

Hexagon’s new HP-L-10.10 non-contact laser line scanner for CMM inspection tasks. (Image courtesy of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division)

Hexagon’s new HP-L-10.10 non-contact laser line scanner for CMM inspection tasks. (Image courtesy of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division)

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division unveiled a variety of measurement technologies and solutions at the EASTEC 2021 Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts on October 19–21, 2021. The event featured the company’s first exclusive showing for the brand new HP-L-10.10 non-contact laser line scanner. Hexagon’s productivity line of CMMs, GLOBAL S and PC-DMIS inspection software were also demonstrated.

The HP-L-10.10 is the newest addition to Hexagon’s portfolio of sensor solutions for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). According to the company, it is capable of delivering seven times more speed as well as enhanced precision scanning. It reportedly offers the same ultra-high speed, high-precision 3D scanning abilities as Hexagon’s Absolute Arm and Absolute Tracker technologies which offer tactile probing and non-contact scanning. The scanner also includes comparable repeatability and performance features for tactile measurements on the CMM.

GLOBAL S is a configurable technology platform that provides manufacturers with tools that simplify workflow experiences and ensure high-quality performance. Through GLOBAL S, quality engineers have the ability to create measurement routines while operators can execute inspections. Quality managers can also analyze relevant data in order to ensure continuous improvement in the production workflow.

Besides the HP-L-10.10, Hexagon demonstrated a number of other measurement solutions in its portfolio including the SpatialAnalyzer portable metrology software, the 7-axis portable Absolute Arm, an Absolute AT960 laser tracker, and an OPTIV Performance 322 that combines optical and tactile measurement into one system.

Attendees were also able to view Hexagon’s new “Can I Measure It?” micro site. The site provides access to resources and strategies that can address current measurement challenges in manufacturing, particularly through CMM and sensor technologies. The off-the-shelf automatic TEMPO part loading system was also on display, which was launched back in July 2020.

TEMPO is an autonomous robotic part loading system for CMMs and is designed for manufacturers to maintain inspection throughput without the need for operator intervention. TEMPO utilizes a collaborative robot from Universal Robots that is compatible with new and existing CMMs for automated part loading, queuing, and unloading. Operators can set it up to carry out measurements when operators need to work away from the CMM on other tasks or throughout an unmanned night shift. It is configurable with three to six loading drawers, each with 0.3 square meters of storage space and holding up to 100 kg of parts.

The TEMPO system can be easily used by operators with minimal training. The system is capable of being installed quickly to avoid downtime and is readily configurable to process parts newly introduced to customer operations. It is also capable of identifying parts that are out of tolerance during operations.

Hexagon also held a new-to-market release of smart CNC machining simulation software NCSIMUL during the trade show. NCSIMUL is available as a standalone software program and integrates easily with other software via CAD/CAM and tool database interfaces. The high-performance G-code certification and optimization software is now available for turning, drilling, 3-to-5 axis milling, multi-tasking, or more complex machining.

For more information on the company’s CMM solutions and technologies, visit the website of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division.