Handcuff Technology. A Brighter Future?

The design for handcuffs has been pretty much the same for centuries. Just take two steel or iron cuffs, link them with chain and close the loop with a lock.

In a patent filed by Scottsdale Inventions LLC, the firm describes a new set of handcuffs that are part wireless shock collar and part proximity monitor.

Based on the familiar Taser technology, the new handcuff design could immobilize prisoners by sending a high voltage, low amperage electrical jolt into the cuffs. This electrical shock would immobilize the prisoner by temporarily disrupting the function of his/her nervous system.

In addition to being able to immobilize prisoners, the handcuffs are stuffed with sensors that would allow location tracking.  For example, the cuffs can be used as proximity monitor which would warn a prisoner if they are getting too close to a restricted zone.  In addition this same proximity monitor could be used to separate two prisoners who aren’t getting along. 

The handcuff patent goes on to describe one more interesting feature, and that is its ability to administer drugs or sedatives by means of injection.

When you think about this device for a second, you can’t help but conclude that the designers must intend for prisoners to be wearing these cuffs nearly every moment of the day. Which raises a few questions about whether these handcuffs are humane.

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Images Courtesy of Patent Buddy and Wikipedia