GroBotz – App Controlled Modular Robotics

Developers of a robotics system that does "everything" are Kickstarter funding their project.

The developers of GroBotz were frustrated when they couldn’t find a robotics kit that could give experience with hardware, software, electronics, remote control, smart gadgets and video games. They had good alternatives for each separate task but no one system that could do everything.

Their solution is GroBotz, a modular robotics system that is easily controlled and programmed through an app. The system is intended for all ages and skill levels. Mechanics, electronics, physics, coding, logic and software can all be learned and refined through the robotics projects.

GroBie is the robot featured in the video – built from two motors, a distance sensor, a controller and a battery. The app allows users to control the small robot with joysticks, accelerometers, thumbsticks or sliders. Adding the camera allows GroBie to be controlled from a farther distance, and adding more distance sensors gives him the ability to drive autonomously.

Three basic systems make up every robot – mechanical components for structure, sensors and actuators for movement and interaction, and the GroBotz app that gives control or display capabilities. Object recognition, augmented reality, and autonomous programming are already included with the app and the SDK welcomes users to create their own ideas and applications.

Developing a strong community was an early goal for the project, along with using low cost and high durability components. The open source aspect of the system is really stressed in the Kickstarter campaign information along with the wide open possibilities with video games and augmented realities.

GroBotz is a great platform that has definitely been fully developed and impressively prototyped and tested. The campaign video looks well done and polished. The developers show that they understand goals, budgets and project management. Units are expected to ship in November 2015 if the campaign funding is successful.