Graphisoft’s MEP Modeler

Graphisoft's MEP Modeler add-on for ArchiCAD improves the usability of MEP elements within a BIM design.

How often have you hung up a picture in your office only to split the VGA cable to the projector because you didn’t know it was hidden behind the wall in that exact spot the nail entered?  How many times have you been written up by your Safety department because you didn’t know where to pull that secondary CAT5 cable so instead you just (illegally) hung it around the sprinkler pipes?

These are typical problems (and violations) that are too often heard from the office to the manufacturing floor.  What if there was a way to take BIM to the next level and easily document all ductwork, piping, and cabling within a building?

If you are an ArchiCAD user, the MEP Modeler (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) add-in by Graphisoft is just the answer.  MEP Modeler improves the design process by making MEP elements smarter.  The elements are easier to place, easier to route, and easier to edit.  In addition to the increased usability of the design elements, MEP Modeler improves interoperabilty with other MEP elements from Revit, AutoCAD, DDS-CAD, and others through the standard IFC format.

Do your building owner a favor.  Save his projector cable and eliminate safety violations by documenting MEP elements with MEP Modeler by Graphisoft.