Graphene 3D Lab (GGG.V) to Demo 3D Printed Batteries

Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (GGG.V) to demonstrate their patent-pending 3D printed battery technology.

In after hours news yesterday, Graphene 3D Lab (web site) announced the company will be demonstrating their new graphene battery technology by 3D printing working batteries. In the press release CEO Dr. Daniel Stolyarov  stated:

“A 3D printed battery can be incorporated into a 3D printed object during the building process. In addition, 3D printed batteries have several advantages over traditional batteries. Their shape, size and specifications can be freely adjusted to fit the particular design of the device. Our batteries are based on graphene and can potentially outperform conventional batteries.”

The company has filed a provisional patent for their 3D printed battery technology, and also plans to begin sales of graphene-enhanced filaments compatible with many consumer grade 3D printers currently in use within the next 3-6 months.

The number of potential applications for functional 3D printed batteries that combine freedom of design and shape with the properties of graphene is vast.

Graphene 3D Lab trades in Canada under ticker GGG.V and a U.S. listing is pending in the next 60 days.

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Disclosure: I own shares of Graphene 3D Lab and am a consultant for Numus Financial Canada, a key investor in the company.