GRAITEC Releases 2021 Versions of Advance PowerPack, Advance Design, Advance Workshop, Graitec Opentree Software

GRAITEC continues to assist AEC industries with the 2021 release of its flagship software.

(Image courtesy of GRAITEC.)

Building on the success of earlier software releases designed to enhance AEC industries in design, simulation, fabrication and data management—which brought new concrete and steel tools to engineers— GRAITEC recently released the 2021 versions of its flagship software Advance PowerPack, Advance Design, Advance Workshop and Graitec Opentree. Full of add-ons, new functionalities and better integration with Autodesk products, the new release was developed with customer feedback, efficiency and ease of use in mind.

“With this latest 2021 release of our software, we have the ability to take conceptual model data through to fabrication and site delivery through our unique partnership with Autodesk and Graitec products,” said Steve Houlder, Graitec COO. “We make ‘ideas happen’—not just on paper, but through our ability to fabricate and construct. This end-to-end solution, as we move more toward more pre-fabrication, will continue to make the process and workflow far easier for our clients and, in the end, save time and money and reduce mistakes.”

GRAITEC Opentree

Focused on securing and enhancing BIM workflow, this version include “Cabinet” technology acquired in 2019. Top functionalities include:

  • ISO 19650 template and workflow management

  • Manageability of AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD & Revit files and standards

  • Manageability of multiple projects and delivery for common CDE environments

  • Data and archive control via workflow signoff 

  • Document search times reduced by up to 80 percent

Advance PowerPack 2021

Add-ons for Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Advance Steel, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault, the latest version features more than 60 new functionalities. It is available in three packages, including: standard, for maximizing Autodesk Revit use; professional, which offers additional advanced tools for Autodesk Revit and Advance Steel; and premium, a dedicated discipline-specific version. Top functionalities include:

  • Enhanced pipe openings tools for managing intersections with circular walls

  • Detailing tools for rebar projects

  • Quick batch export tools in multiple target formats

  • Increased integration between Autodesk Advance Steel, Autodesk Revit and Advance Design

  • Stairs and railings macros

Advance Design 2021

Along with a standard package—finite element, climatic load generation—and premium package—reinforced concrete, steel and timber design codes—an ultimate package is available. It includes design and detailing for reinforced concrete beams, columns, footings, walls and slabs, allowing for the retrieval of design intent rebar detail within the same environment. Top functionalities include:

  • Pushover analysis for predicting non-linear behavior of steel and concrete members in complex projects

  • Manage reinforced concrete projects in a unified environment

  • Super-element functionality to group elements for detailed design code checks

  • Increased flexibility for 3D projects 

  • Advanced punching shear verification

Advance Workshop 2021

This release merges GRAITEC’s Advance Workshop, focused on steel workshop management, with Arma Plus technology, creating a unified product for steel, rebar, or prefabrication workshops and factories. Top functionalities include:

  • The same workshop platform for rebar, steel, concrete precast and building finishing industries

  • Cloud material tracking for enhanced collaboration of fabrication progress from design to onsite delivery for each rebar in a project

  • Customizable technical and economical machine script for tuning and automatic BOM and process route generation

  • Enhanced handling and semi-finished inventory reduction with just-in-time fabrication,

  • Process IFC files from BIM models for 3D part geometries processes