Gorge Group Invests in Photosensitive Resins

France’s Gorge Group looks to strengthen its investment in AM by acquiring DeltaMed, a photosensitive resins manufacturer.

3d printing, prodway, gorge, france, resinIn a recent announcement, France’s Gorge Group revealed that it has reached an agreement with shareholders of DeltaMed to acquire 100% of the firm’s capital.

In the business of developing photosensitive resins for the last 15 years, DeltaMed specializes in creating resins for medical and industrial uses, especially for the production of custom-made medical devices such as hearing aids and dental prosthetics.

While the Gorge Group’s acquisition of DeltaMed strengthens its hand in the 3D printing market, it isn’t the firm’s first flight into the world of additive manufacturing. In 2013 Gorge acquired 88% of 3D printer manufacturer Phideas Technologies (now Prodways), providing the group its first piece of additive manufacturing hardware. Complete with what Prodway’s people call their MOVINGLight technology, the company’s union of DLP and UVA LED curing can, apparently, produce parts with unequaled resolution.

With its new acquisition Gorge Group will further its ability to offer customers customized materials specifically tailored to their application, while simultaneously gaining a machine-specific material base for all of their Prodway systems. In addition, DeltaMed will continue to sell its photosensitive resins to third parties in an effort to grow its market share.

In the end Gorge Group’s recent acquisitions have put them in a good position to make their mark on the world of additive manufacturing. Armed with a high resolution printing technology and a materials arm with the ability to collaborate and develop materials with a wide range of industrial partners, I believe the future is bright for the French AM firm.

Image Courtesy of Gorge Group