GoFar – Smart Technology for Your Car

Australian team is Kickstarter funding their driver optimization device to the US and UK markets.

The team at GoFar were concerned about the amount of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere by their cars. They were also frustrated with the amount of time they spent in traffic and the amount of money spent on fuel. Their solution is GoFar, a smart device for the automobile.

GoFar is already available in Australia and now being implemented in the US and UK markets. The overall goal of GoFar is to take any car, new or old, and get the most out of it.

The intelligent device lives in your car and works to get you to drive smarter. For every engine speed there’s a ‘sweet spot’ that maximizes power and minimizes fuel consumption. Driving within this zone saves fuel, cutting fuel costs and lowering emission levels. Every engine on every vehicle is different but GoFar tunes itself to your specific car to maximize your driving parameters.

GoFar sits on the contour of your dash, usually directly above your steering wheel. The stylized display glows blue when you’re in the best zone and glows red when you’re wasting energy. This real time feedback is designed to transform you into the most efficient driver possible.

Analysis of your driving patterns is done to tell you when to leave the house for an optimal trip with the least amount of traffic. When inside the vehicle the feedback is all visual so you don’t need to pick up your phone to know what to do.

This is an amazing product and the Kickstarter funding ends on June 2, 2015 with the product already more than doubling its initial goal. I would definitely like to see hard data about how much fuel and time GoFar has saved drivers over a month or year. Also, I have a device plugged into my car (think internet insurance, blue logos and women in aprons) that mostly bothers me so it would be great to see GoFar in action and helping my family to be better drivers.

To learn more, visit the GoFar website.