GinzVelo – Sustainable Human Electric Hybrid

Peter Ginzburg is crowdfunding his motor-enhanced bicycle through Kickstarter.

Peter Ginzburg wants to bring sustainable transportation to cities and suburbs. As a senior at Penn State Ginzburg developed the hybrid vehicle to provide shelter from weather. Currently the GinzVelo is running a Kickstarter campaign to expand production capabilities and get the vehicles into retail outlets.

GinzVelo starts with an ICE Adventure recumbent trike and adds a fiberglass and foam core body to protect the rider. The vehicle is classified as a bicycle, rides on sidewalks and takes up less space than a car. A 500 Watt hub motor with a 20 Amp hour lithium polymer battery will allow the GinzVelo to travel between  75 and 100 miles without the user pedaling.

Standard cruising speed is 20 miles per hour and pedaling allows the speed to top out around 30 miles per hour. LED headlights, brake lights and turning indicators are included along with back storage space for grocery bags or backpacks. Florida, Maryland and Virginia manufacturers build components for the vehicle and Ginzburg prides his product as being made in America.

GinzVelo is definitely a motor assisted bicycle instead of a three wheeled car.  The project has been in development for at least four years and much more work needs to be done. Longer range and a higher top speed would greatly improve the vehicle and its marketability. There are several three wheeled cars and motor assisted bikes being developed and funded through crowdfunding or private investors and I’m still optimistic that one of these projects will find wide mainstream acceptance.

Retail price is expected to be $6,900 and the production run will begin in December 2015. The Kickstarter campaign currently has around $6000 of its $50,000 goal funded and ends on July 24, 2015.