Get Involved! Engineers Week 2016 is Approaching!

Support engineers and the industry by getting involved in local and global events.

This year marks the 65th anniversary of Engineers Week since its founding by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in 1951.

Through its coalition of more than 70 engineering, educational and cultural societies, as well as more than 50 corporations and government agencies, EWeek aims to promote awareness of engineers’ contributions and the importance of technical education and careers.

National Engineers Week 2016 will take place from February 22nd to 27th 2016. There are plenty of ways for professional engineers, engineering students, tech companies and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) supporters to participate, so everyone can help spread the word about engineering opportunities.


How Can You Get Involved in Engineers Week?

Local EWeek events occur across the country. Many of these events rely on volunteers and provide opportunities for anyone who supports engineering to get involved.


DiscoverE Let’s Make a Difference

DiscoverE engineers share the common goal of helping grade school and high school students to discover the exciting worlds of engineering and technology by relating practical applications of STEM to the world we live in.


Future City Competition

This is a semester-long program that challenges middle school students to design a city for 150 years in the future, using a combination of their imaginations and SimCity software to help solve global population and urbanization challenges.


Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Part of EWeek since 2001, “Girl Day” has a special focus: female engineers and their male colleagues have the opportunity to introduce girls and young women to engineering in order to demonstrate how creative, collaborative and challenging engineering fields are changing the world.


New Faces of Engineering

This is a recognition program highlighting the unique work of young, under-30-year-old engineers and how they are solving global challenges, improving public welfare or furthering professional development.


New Faces of Engineering – College Edition

This event is promoting the accomplishments of undergraduate and graduate engineering students by highlighting their academic successes and contributions to engineering industry and society.


Looking for Engineers Week Ideas?

If you are looking for ways you can get involved in Engineers Week, check out this recording of last week’s webinar from DiscoverE Let’s Make a Difference.

(Video is 45 minutes.)

For more information, check out Engineers Week on the DiscoverE website! To look for an Engineers Week event near you, take a look at the event calendar.