Geek Dad on Definition of “Geek”

Author and Engineer Ken Denmead is a self-confessed geek. In this interview with our own Dan Hedges, Ken explores what it means to be a geek.

If you’ve ever suffered social detriment because of the things you’re passionate about, you’re probably a geek.

He points out that being passionate about something is a great way to get good at it. So he encourages his children to explore those exciting areas of learning, especially in science and engineering. In so doing they can build a successful career without ever having the feeling of having to “work” in the sense of having to do something that they don’t enjoy.

He goes on to explain that this is the “golden age of geeks” because there are endless resources available over the Internet to connect communities of geeks. Students can find the support they need to explore their passion, no matter how arcane. The opportunity to be knowledgeable about a geeky area of interest has never been greater.

Oh yeah, and he touches on the definition of “nerd” as well.

Watch the interview