GE Additive Launches Manufacturing Partner Network

Burloak Technologies, Carpenter Technology Corporation and Proto Labs join as launch partners.

(Image courtesy of GE Additive.)

(Image courtesy of GE Additive.)

GE Additive has announced the launch of its Manufacturing Partner Network (MPN), which aims to create an open, competitive marketplace that will accelerate both supply and demand for additive manufacturing (AM). The first three Manufacturing Partners (MPs) to join the network are Burloak TechnologiesCarpenter Technology Corporation and Proto Labs Inc. MPs are additive production partners that will help customers make additive parts in volume.

According to GE Additive, the MPN takes an ecosystem approach to addressing several commercial challenges to ensure the additive industry reaches its next inflection point. Limited access to equipment, funding and expertise often prevents companies from taking the next critical steps in adopting AM. Suppliers are seeking demand to build long-term business cases in order to invest, while OEMs need a guaranteed source of capacity so they can continue to invest with confidence.

GE Additive has stated that the MPN will add additional MPs in all regions, but by design will remain a select group of additive manufacturing specialists. The company says that MPs will also benefit commercially in three areas:

  • Direct demand generation through a network of OEMs and revenue opportunities generated by GE Additive’s sales teams.
  • Knowledge sharing across the network, including access to over 150 AddWorks consultants and technical support. New GE Additive technologies and innovation will be made available to MPs for testing and feedback shared will be incorporated into future product development.
  • Co-marketing support and campaigns, including permission to use the GE monogram on all sales, marketing and promotional materials, communications channels and buildings.

GE Additive’s Customer Experience Centers in Munich and Pittsburgh will continue to support customers with prototyping and low volume production, but will act as a bridge to the MPN for those customers ready to take the next step.  

(Image courtesy of GE Additive.)

(Image courtesy of GE Additive.)

“We know first hand that the transition from prototyping to volume production is possibly the biggest step on any company’s additive journey and that can be daunting,” said Jason Oliver, President and CEO of GE Additive. “The MPN is designed to give companies a range of options to help them progress and continue innovating by connecting them with a choice of trusted additive production partners to give them peace of mind, in a cost-efficient way.”

“Burloak Technologies is proud to be a launch partner for GE’s Manufacturing Partner Network,” said Peter Adams, Co-founder and President of Burloak Technologies. “We have developed a strategic plan for the industrialization of additive manufacturing. Our participation in GE’s MPN strengthens this plan and will allow us to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in the market.”

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