Fully Defining Sketches in SOLIDWORKS

Missing dimensions or relations can be found by displaying entity points in assembly sketches.

When attempting to fully define a sketch in SOLIDWORKS, users often struggle to find those final missing dimensions or geometric relations. The easiest way to find these is to drag sketch entities and watch how they change.

Users should not be afraid of moving sketch entities around to find missing dimensions or geometric relations. Any changes that may break a sketch can be easily undone with the Undo button above the sketch area.

However, if a segment of a sketch appears blue, indicating the segment is under-defined, it can’t be moved. Displaying identity points can provide clues when searching for missing dimensions and relations.

Under the Tools menu, select Options and then enable the Sketch category. A checkbox will become visible titled, “Display entity points in part/assembly sketches.” Checking and accepting this change will reveal the end points of all line segments within the sketch.

In the video above, a vertical line appears in blue. After displaying entity points in the sketch, the under-defined segment can be dragged. Reapplying its vertical geometric relation fully defines the segment.

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About Author

Sam Sanchez is an Applications Engineer with SolidProfessor and a CSWP. Sanchez is an alumni of UC San Diego, and in her free time enjoys 3D printing and hanging out with her dog Ruby. You can see more training videos on a wide range of CAD, CAM& BIM topics atwww.solidprofessor.com.