Fuel and Lube Oil Piping

Fuel and Lube Oil Piping

Currently I’m doing design for fuel and lube oil piping system for one of the prestige car’s workshop. I don’t have any idea what type of pipe material is suitable for the system. Can I use carbon steel pipe? Does impurity from the pipe effect the engine?

What I mean with fuel and lube oil piping system is ‘fuel and lube oil dispensing system’. Which to transfer from storage tank to the car engine.

In general the plumbing systems for automobile fuel and lube oil systems use tubing not pipe. There are a number of reasons for this not the least of which the finish on the inside of the tubing. Tubing is generally made using processes that result in high quality finishes that help ensure smooth flow of the oil or fuel.

Yes, you can use carbon steel pipe, but in general the surface is not as good and there is a higher possibility for contamination particles being left on the inside surfaces of the pip which will get into the system and damage the motor you are carefully building.

Do not scrimp on low quality materials.