Free KeyShot Viewer Might Save You Rendering Time

Luxion releases KeyShot 7.3 alongside the new KeyShot Viewer.

The new KeyShot Viewer. (Image courtesy of Luxion.)

The new KeyShot Viewer. (Image courtesy of Luxion.)

Rendering software KeyShot has been upgraded to the latest version, 7.3. Though KeyShot 7.3 includes a few enhancements, the biggest news is the concurrent release of KeyShot Viewer, a new standalone application for sharing KeyShot scenes.

KeyShot Viewer, available for free, is a desktop application for Windows and Mac that allows engineers to share KeyShot scenes for presentations, design reviews and client collaboration. The simple interface offers a 360-degree view of a model that updates in realtime using KeyShot’s ray-tracing render engine.

To make use of KeyShot Viewer, users first apply their light and material specifications within KeyShot. Then, users save the KeyShot scene file. This file can be freely viewed by anyone with KeyShot Viewer. In addition, the program offers password encryption and a watermark option. Here’s a quick demo of KeyShot Viewer:

“KeyShot viewer enables the distribution of real-time product configurations to nonusers and users alike. This has drastically reduced the amount of time spent on rendered output,” said KeyShot customer Justin Schlothauer of Under Armour.

Besides the release of KeyShot Viewer, KeyShot 7.3 adds the following improvements:

  • New option to Add Multi-Material to the Render Queue
  • Improved setup time for applying Rounded Edges to geometry
  • Addition of turntable animations to top-level models in the scene tree
  • Direct import support for NX 12, SketchUp 2018 and SOLIDWORKS 2018

To learn more about KeyShot, check out Luxion Releases KeyShot 7.

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