Fire the coach! 94Fifty Basketball Uses Sensors to Measure Basketball Skills

The 94Fifty basketball uses sensors to tell players how well they are playing.  All sorts of ball handling, including dribbling and shooting, is measured by the ball in real time for a precise analysis of a player’s skill. 

InfoMotion Sports Technologies uses a suite of built-in sensors in the “94Fifty sensor basketball”.  Data from the ball is delivered through Bluetooth to an iOS or Android mobile app to show motion statistics like shot arc, shot speed, backspin, dribble intensity, and many other factors.

The inertial motion sensors and the digital signal processing hardware inside the 94Fifty basketball generate over 6,000 pieces of movement data per second.


A Digital Signal Processor inside the ball performs the complex analytics on the forces imparted by the players to derive consistent snapshots on how on player shoots, handles or moves with the ball.    

The 94Fifty basketball makes extensive use of high-tech hardware components from Texas Instruments including the entire sensor array, Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy dual-mode connectivity, a digital signal processor and a Qi-style wireless charging pad so it can be recharged without plugs or wires.

The new basketball is being released in early March through a KickStarter campaign. The company plans to make the product available via online sales only with estimated ship dates in the 3rd quarter of 2013.