Eurotech Releases IoT Gateway Powered by Red Hat

ReliaGATE 20-26 is an IoT building block for gateways and edge devices.

ReliaGATE 20-26, powered by Red Hat, includes many time-saving features for IoT engineers. (Image courtesy of Eurotech.)

Eurotech, fresh from open-sourcing the key functionality of its cloud-based Everyware integration platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), recently announced an IoT gateway for enterprise and lightly rugged applications.

ReliaGATE 20-26, powered by Red Hat, aims to be the latest IoT building block in Eurotech and Red Hat’s collaborative effort to simplify IoT solutions for business.

ReliaGATE 20-26 runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and comes preinstalled with Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF). ESF is an IoT device middleware that builds on the open-source Java/OSGi Eclipse Kura application framework for IoT gateways, and it’s complemented with Red Hat JBoss Fuse to improve capacity at the IoT edge. Lastly, with Red Hat JBoss BRMS, the gateway can implement dynamically programmable business logic at the edge.

Engineers will also be pleased with the diverse range of input/output (I/O) and connectivity choices on the ReliaGATE 20-26, including dual Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy, cellular support and digital I/O. The hardware also supports ReliaCELL 10-20, Eurotech’s pre-certified cellular adapter with optional GPS capability.

How ReliaGATE 20-26 Helps Reduce IoT Barriers

ReliaGATE 20-26, as an IoT building block, illustrates an important paradigm for IoT engineers: Taking a modular approach to IoT solutions makes the IoT more accessible.

This point was stressed by Red Hat Senior Vice President Mark Enzweiler in a comment on the nature and purpose of the partnership with Eurotech: “Red Hat and Eurotech plan to continue to drive IoT leadership by extending our joint commitment to open-source collaboration and integrated product offerings. We are excited by the potential of our work together, which aims to help reduce the barriers of entry of the IoT and make it [IoT] a reality.”

This approach also allows for reduced development times, as well as improved hardware portability and application maintenance. Eurotech and Red Hat’s commitment to open-source software similarly conveys their pursuit of these benefits and allows other IoT engineers to see the profitability of open collaboration. In this way, the ReliaGATE 20-26 hopes to bring immediate advantages to IoT developers.

“Intelligent gateways are critical for a modern enterprise IoT infrastructure,” explained Clark Palmer, CTO of Meteorcomm LLC. “The ability to push intelligence to the edge of the network is exactly the solution needed to create scalable and easily managed IoT implementations.”

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