Eurotech Open-Sources Its Everyware Cloud IoT Integration Platform

Integrated IoT platform Kapua to bridge Operation and Information Technology.

Kapua’s web-based administration console. (Image courtesy of Eclipse.)

Kapua’s web-based administration console. (Image courtesy of Eclipse.)

Eurotech recently announced the decision to open-source the core functionality of the company’s Everyware cloud Internet of Things (IoT) integration platform. The new open-source project, named Kapua, will be the latest from the Eclipse IoT Working Group.

Kapua is intended to be a modular IoT integration platform for connected devices and sensors. Aiming to bridge Operation and Information Technology, Kapua will handle all of the principal parts of IoT infrastructure management, such as connectivity and configuration of devices. The IoT Integration Platform will focus on managing edge IoT nodes, aggregating data streams and archiving or routing them as needed.

The six key goals of the project, listed in Kapua’s project proposal, are:

  1. To connect devices through various protocols, starting with MQTT and adding AMQP, HTTP and CoAp over time.
  2. To manage devices on the edge and the adoption of emerging device management protocols such as LWM2M.
  3. To develop data pipelines on device telemetry data, with flexible data integration routes.
  4. To enable multi-tenant account and user management.
  5. To allow devices to be programmable through RESTful web services API.
  6. To be deployable in the cloud or on-premise.

An Open Internet of Things

The Eclipse IoT Working Group is a collection of companies and individuals dedicated to an open IoT and includes members such as IBM, Siemens and Cisco. The latter two of these industry leaders recently spoke of their respective IoT projects at the CPX Conference earlier in June, with Cisco detailing its smart city and Siemens talking about Industry 4.0.

However, a more important takeaway from the conference was the need for intercompany collaboration in order to maximize the potential of the IoT. By open-sourcing its technology with Kapua, Eurotech is doing its part to contribute to this collaboration.

“Eurotech has always valued open standards and open source as key elements for successful business,” explained Marco Carrer, CTO of Eurotech and Kapua project lead. “Eurotech will continue to contribute in such activities, working in close collaboration with partners and contributors to further grow the already very successful Eclipse IoT community and to help companies and developers to execute the creation of new IoT solutions based on open source and open standards.”

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