Eqqus’ Muscle Cars Rev Up for Production Using AM

Detroit muscle car startup Equus Automotive is bringing speed and power back to the road with a lot of help from additive manufacturing.

3d printing, auto, muscle car, detroit, solid conceptsOver the past few years the automotive industry has grown increasingly interested in 3D printing technology. While many companies are employing additive manufacturing in fits and starts, one company is leveraging the technology across both its prototyping and production phases.

Named Equus Automotive, the Detroit-based startup is in the business of building luxury muscle cars. In fact, Equus’ BASS 770 is a roaring monster featuring a 640HP, V8 engine that’ll top out somewhere just north of 321km/h (200mph).  

Although the Bass 770 is a powerful machine it’s also a testament to the future of manufacturing.

In collaboration with Solid Concepts, engineers at Equus prototyped many of the 770’s components using FDM, SLA and SLS 3D processes. Among these components were the car’s grill, seat adjustment levers and various other components used throughout the auto.

Aside from those vanity pieces, Solid Concepts was also employed to create master patterns for casting. Using the company’s urethane-based QuantumCast technology Equus created master molds for the BASS770’s instrument panel, headlight bezels, console covers and a number of other parts.

While everyone in the industry knows that 3D printing isn’t ready to make the leap to mass-production, technology manufacturers like Equus are proving that the future of manufacturing will likely have a heavy dose of additive manufacturing.

Image Courtesy of Solid Concepts