EOS of North America Opens 3D Printer Facility in Texas

EOS is continuing its growth in North America with the launch of a new center in Pflugerville, Texas.

Experiencing steady growth in North America and worldwide, EOS has marked that progress with the opening of a new facility in the United States. The manufacturer of plastic and metal sintering systems has chosen Pflugerville, Texas, where the new facility will be leveraged to support the company’s growing market in North America. The site will act as both a service provider and a point of contact for existing and potential customers, among other things.

EOS’s new facility located in Pflugerville, Texas. (Image courtesy of EOS.)

EOS’s new facility located in Pflugerville, Texas. (Image courtesy of EOS.)

Ahead of the company’s 27th anniversary this summer, the opening of the new Texas facility represents the culmination of EOS’s increased North American market share, which hit $100 million in 2015. Glynn Fletcher, president of EOS North America, Inc., elaborated: “The opening of our Pflugerville facility helps us deliver even better and faster service and support to our regional customers. EOS has a company-wide goal of continually improving systems, materials and process solutions wherever we operate. Pflugerville’s location near Austin, one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the United States, allows us to make connections with some of the most notable technology organizations and schools in the nation and enables a high-level, optimum response to our customers’ needs across multiple time zones.”

The new facility is broken down into a number of different key divisions, representing the firm’s various offerings at the location. Some of these divisions are pretty standard, such as the Working Showroom, for showcasing all of EOS’s various 3D printers, as well as the Service Hotline and Aftermarket Ordering department, for selling materials and other consumables. The facility also houses the Application Consulting division, where individuals will be able to work with the EOS team to determine if 3D printing will be suitable for given applications.

Perhaps more uniquely, the center also includes the innovation laboratory, where EOS will test its materials and systems in order to further improve their technology. Additionally, the Regional System Modifications department will serve to provide custom modifications to their printers and software, tailored to specific clients. Finally, the AM Ventures division will aid startups in the use of 3D printing to get their products to market.

The Pflugerville facility will begin with 30 employees, but EOS anticipates doubling this number in the next two years. Meanwhile, the EOS Materials division will continue producing and blending plastic powders in Temple, Texas, and their Novi, Mich., site will continue to serve as the regional technical center for EOS of North America. Expansion, however, is a part of the company’s future plans for North America, as EOS also sees itself opening locations in Boston and Northern California, both of which are vibrant hubs for the 3D printing industry.