EOS CEO Backs, Invests in Lithoz Ceramic AM Technology

3D printing, ceramic, EOS, AMLithoz,  high-performance ceramic AM system manufacturer, is pleased to announce that Dr. Hans J. Langer has invested in the company. In his role as founder and CEO, he has made the high-tech company EOS the world leader in the field of laser sintering and his participation in Lithoz underlines the high potential of the technology of Lithoz. 

Dr. Johannes Homa, CEO and founder of Lithoz, announced with some pride, “In the past three years Lithoz has managed to establish a new an innovative production method in the field of high-performance ceramics. Through our partnership with Dr. Langer our work finds special recognition and our future growth opportunities will increase significantly.”

Crucial for Dr. Langer’s participation at Lithoz was the unique technology of Lithoz. The LCM-technology makes it possible for thefirst time to produce high-quality and fully functional high-performance ceramic components by using an additive manufacturing process. High-performance ceramics are often considered the material of the future. Many companies are already convinced of the economic and technical advantages of the patented technology of Lithoz.

Dr. Hans J. Langer is convinced, “With Lithoz we have found a competent partner who will complement our product range ideally in the future. While EOS is the world leader in the field of laser sintering of metals and plastics, the technology of Lithoz will open up a variety of new technical applications in the field of high-performance ceramics. In my opinion there is great potential for high-performance ceramics in aerospace and medical applications.”

Dr. Johannes Patzer, CTO and founder of Lithoz agrees, “Because of their outstanding properties, high-perfomrance ceramics are used wherever other materials fail. This applies, for example, to commponents that are used in corrosive environments or components that are exposed to extreme tribological environments and high temperatures.”

High-performance ceramics are not only used in the automotive or the aerospace industry, but they are more and more frequently used in medical technology. Lithoz’ recently developed material LithaBone is particularly suitable as bone replacement material due to its similarity to the mineral phase of human bone and its osteoconductive properties.

Source: Lithoz