EOS at Euromold 2011: Laser-sintering ensures process sustainability and quality assurance for serial applications


New process control software modules announced for the EOSINT M 280. Source: EOS GmbH

EOS again showed its continuing efforts to satisfy the demands placed on production applications — or e-Manufacturing — and build on the promise of sustainability.

It featured new modules for its laser sintering and direct metal laser sintering processes.  

Laser Power Monitoring (LPM) is an online measurement tool that monitors the the build process to  ensure that the desired laser power is maintained. This data feeds the EOSTATE version 1.2 Quality Assurance Module. A new option is Primes Pocket Monitor, which enables quick and easy laser power measurement before and after a job. 

Another tool for process control is EOS’s Integrated Process Chain Management (ICPM). The latest developments include optimized powder handling and improved traceability and control. For the metals machine, the EOSINT M 280, this tool also offers a Comfort Powder Module that offers safe powder handling, by lowering risk of exposure, in the closed process chamber.

On the materials front, the company introduced PrimePart PLUS (PA 2221), which it touts as making plastic laser sintering more economical and sustainable. PrimePart PLUS is a translucent polyamide polymer universally applicable for fully functional plastic parts. Thanks to the optimised refresh rate of about 30 percent virgin powder, in comparison to 50 percent for conventional polyamide polymers, material consumption is reduced.

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