EnvisionTEC announces HTM140 High Temperature Molding Material

envisionTEC HTM140

HTM140 master pattern. Source: envisionTEC

envisionTEC‘s new HTM140 High Temperature Mold material, for use in Perfactory and Ultra systems, boasts a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 284 °F without secondary thermal post-cure.

As the name suggests, the company has positioned HTM140 as an alternative for the production of RTV (room temperature vulcanized) rubber molds. The elevated HDT, combined with strength and durability, allow HTM140 masters to withstand the heat generated during vulcanization and the weight of the rubber compound. EnvisionTEC also suggests that HTM140 may be used to create masters for cast injection molds.

Functional prototyping is also suggested. HTM140 is suited for testing components with hot fluids, such as air or water.