Enhance your SketchUps with BuildEdge

Rather than draw a 3D wireframe using dumb geometry, why not build in 3D using intelligent objects. BuildEdge enhances SketchUp for architectural modeling.


For architects and home designer wanna-be’s, finding an affordable 3D software tool is sometimes difficult.  Most fork out the cash for a full blown version of Revit, and then never use the software to its full potential.  Others take a step back with less expensive approach like SketchUp.

Quietly developing in the background, but sometimes seen at conventions like American Institute of Architecture Expo, BuildEdge takes those dumb lines and arcs and converts them into intelligent objects.  With BuildEdge, 3D architectural design can be affordable (only US$29) and fun.  BuildEdge turns your 2D sketches into 3D layouts — roofs, doors, and windows included.