Engineers Need Credibility

How do you engineer credibility when you don't have months to build a relationship to establish a positive reputation?

How do you engineer credibility when you don’t have months to build a relationship to establish a positive reputation?  In short, how do you fast-track constructing credibility?  This is a task that isn’t taught at college or in our on-the-job training.  However, it’s a skill that’s absolutely essential to winning clients, establishing relationships or landing a new position.  In the engineer profession, knowing this incredibly important skill is essential to continued success.

Here are a few proven methods to put to work today:

Always be Impeccable.  By definition this means being of the highest standards.  This doesn’t mean to be faultless and it doesn’t mean you need be driving a Porsche, flying B-class, and charging $400 per hour.  It does mean that you carry out your word, that you are reverent in your language and deed, and that the work you do is the best you can deliver, always.  Nothing builds a reputation like being dependable and delivering the goods.  Like being impeccable.

Share What You Know.  You’re good at something.  In fact, everyone is good at something.  It’s your calling, your specialty, and the element that you contribute to making the world the awesome place it is.  When you know what that “something” is, share it in whatever form you can.  Your credibility will catapult forward because of this, since people can sense the genuine in others. This is about strength and confidence and both yield credibility.

Demonstrate You UnderstandSounds easy and it is, if you start the process.  In the world today there are numerous ways to freely demonstrate your understanding of something.  The best place to do this is via the web.  Social media, LinkedIn, a web page or a blog; any one of these is a venue through which you can demonstrate your depth of understanding.  Understanding something exceptionally well and demonstrating this to others is what credibility is all about.

Focus on Others, Not Yourself.  Credibility is akin to confidence.  Confident people do not focus attention on themselves, since they are comfortable in knowing who they are and do not need to feed their ego by talking about their accomplishments or skills.  If you’re not confident, you can become so simply by focusing on others.  This is more easily said than done, however, you can build your confidence purely by focusing on others.  As your confidence soars, so will your credibility.

Christian Knutson, P.E., PMP is a leader, civil engineer, and author.  He’s an accomplished professional specializing in A/E/C work internationally and author of The Engineer Leader, a recognized blog on leadership and life success for engineers and professionals.