Engineering unemployment is only 3%

But can you find the right job?

Even though engineering unemployment is at only 3% compared to the national average in the USA of 8.1% last month, that’s cold comfort for those engineers who have lost their jobs.  So if you know of any companies that are hiring engineers, please mention their name and URL in the comment box below. 

The problem in this economy isn’t only the downsizing by some major corporations – it’s finding the jobs that are available.  While the economy shed 4.4 million jobs last year, approximately 2 million jobs are currently open.  A lot of these are in education, health care and (no surprise) the federal government.

But beyond those areas, jobs can be found in a variety of sectors. Some places that are hiring, such as companies that make nuclear power equipment, haven’t been hit that hard by the recession. The nuclear power industry is adding thousands of jobs as it gears up to build as many as 26 new nuclear power plants in the next decade.  For example, large companies like Westinghouse and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy are hiring engineers as they expand manufacturing facilities. 

If you know of any companies that are hiring engineers, please post it in this thread or send me an email.  I will broadcast your posts in next month’s Careers Communiqué.