Engineer with a Robotics Startup? Here’s the Event for You!

Pitchfire event at RoboBusiness 2016 offers a golden opportunity for innovators.

The 2016 RoboBusiness conference is fast approaching, and with it comes a great opportunity for engineers with a robotics start-up company, or just those interested in new innovations in the robotics industry. For engineering students or recent graduates with an entrepreneurial bent and a great idea, a competition like this could be the first step toward starting a successful tech company.

The RoboBusiness Pitchfire event offers your engineering start-up a chance to jump-start your new robotics company by pitching your innovations to a panel of judges, investors and a wide array of conference attendees.

A few 2015 RoboBusiness Conference attendees and speakers. (Image courtesy of RoboBusiness.)

A few 2015 RoboBusiness Conference attendees and speakers. (Image courtesy of RoboBusiness.)

Your two minute business pitch will put you in the competition for a grand prize that includes international media coverage, business coaching and $5,000 cash toward your project.

Opportunity can come from more than just the grand prize, however. The conference attendees who will be on hand to watch the event often have purchasing authority at their companies or have the means to invest in projects that will shape the future of robotics. Plus, if your team is one of the 15 selected to present at the Pitchfire event, you will also have a full pass to the conference, and a company listing on affiliate websites.

Last year’s winner was Autonomous Marine Systems (AMS), whose system for data collection and autonomous robotic boats could change the way oceanic intelligence is gathered. Since presenting at the 2015 Pitchfire event, they’ve earned $3.5 million in funding and secured contracts with customers in the Department of Defense.

If you have a project, idea or new company that you want to promote at Pitchfire, check out the event page. Do note that signups are only open until August 5th, 2016, for this year’s conference, so it would be best to submit your application soon!

(Video from the RoboBusiness Europe 2016 event. Courtesy of RoboBusiness Europe)

In general, events and competitions like this are some of the best ways for new engineering start-ups to get their names and ideas in front of the right people – especially since many competitions encourage skilled students to compete. Engineers from different fields and disciplines can seek out the events best suited to their skills and win not only prize money, but often more importantly, get their name into the ears of investors and business leaders. While any publicity is good, good publicity (especially if it comes with a cash prize) is just better.

Simply attending events and conferences can be an asset for young engineers in itself, offering the chance to learn from those who have come before. Some insight into the wants and needs of investors, and learning how to brand yourself and your company are all essential aspects of the business model that extend beyond being an innovative and imaginative engineer.

The RoboBusiness event takes place September 28-29, 2016 in San Jose, CA. While tickets are not necessarily cheap, the event website does include a form letter to convince your employer or supervisor of the opportunities attendance includes.

Visit the conference page for more details and to see more information on past winners and this year’s events.