The average footstep produces about 8 Joules of energy. Dutch company Energy Floors is converting th... More >>


The main components of the ubiquitous touchscreen interface. More >>


Google wants to bring the internet to the world using a network of balloons carrying solar-powe... More >>


In a great blend of project-based learning and service learning, students at the University of Virgi... More >>


eDRAM, Iris Pro and the new Haswell devices. More >>


Small wind turbines tend to be noisy and ineffective at low wind speeds. Will the Eco Whisper silenc... More >>


Artist and designer Merel Karhof created factories that harness the wind to run machines directly fr... More >>


An innovative flywheel design may put a new spin on energy storage. More >>


Smartphone APUs combine the best of both SoC and SiP technology. More >>


Highview Power Storage has a cool way to store energy: cryogenics.  More >>


Flexible form factors and new battery chemistry. More >>


UDOO is a new development platform designed to be compatible with Arduino, Linux, Android and the Go... More >>


A new hydropower turbine promises to produce more electricity from "low-head" water conditions. More >>


With no electronic components whatsoever, the Vuuvud uses the magnetometer found inside many smartph... More >>


An inexpensive printing process makes flexible solar cells that can be laminated onto almost any sur... More >>


SheerWind's INVELOX design captures, accelerates, and concentrates the wind, sending it to a gound-l... More >>


What physics limits how thin smartphones can be? More >>


PowerWINDows is not a Microsoft product, but a potential wind energy system designed for urban envir... More >>


This off-grid street light gets all of its power from two solar panels, a helical wind turbine, and ... More >>


BlackBerry launched their newest smart phone this week. Will the Q10 bring BlackBerry back? More >>


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