Hydra is a triple output smart DC power supply designed for portable system use.   DC voltage a... More >>


Connecting multiple and more current hungry USB devices to your PC can affect the PC or devices oper... More >>


Makers have been around for a long time as evidenced by these series of videos documenting the life ... More >>


The electronics inside digital pianos. More >>


The MS Tûranor, the world's largest solar-powered ship,  became the first boat to travel ... More >>


What’s so “smart” about a smart grid? In short, it’s the ability to communic... More >>


Engineering students at the University of Virginia have simulated a hybrid electric plane that&rsquo... More >>


Using a portable wireless router and open source software, you can create a portable file server and... More >>


Central inverter vs microinverter: each has its own advantages depending on the situation. CyboEnerg... More >>


Monochrome “memory” LCDs provide high contrast at low power in small size. More >>


More changes inside than out. More >>


Fifteen-year-old Ann Makosinski had a bright idea for a flashlight that doesn’t need batteries... More >>


The Lightening SuperBike is the fastest production motorcycle in the world, clocking in at 218 MPH. ... More >>


Scifinitiy hopes that their new manufacturing process will cut the cost of photovoltaics in half wit... More >>


It's not quite what Ben Franklin envisioned, but two companies are experimenting with kites to ... More >>


New smartphone designs are gaining customers for good reason. More >>


Distributed energy generation offers a number of technological advantages over the current system. W... More >>


How the files survive even when the battery dies. More >>


A newly-built hospital in Haiti has a 400 kW grid-tied photovoltaic system, allowing it to generate ... More >>


The average footstep produces about 8 Joules of energy. Dutch company Energy Floors is converting th... More >>


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