Touch board allows you to add up to 12 conductive touch sensors to your project or design. More >>


The Dynamixel high-performance networked actuators are taking robotics to new levels of mobility and... More >>


Taking current measurements with your expensive and precise DMM could be affecting your circuit oper... More >>


Create a unique design related to the theme of accessibility, mobility, or green living using Design... More >>


Researchers are working on spray-on solar cells that use the piezoelectric effect to increase their ... More >>


TI delivers LaunchPad and BoosterPacks for easier MCU design and development More >>


IBM's HyRef predicts renewable energy production up to a month in advance, helping to integrate rene... More >>


Volvo integrates car batteries into the vehicle's body, decreasing the car's weight by 15%.  More >>


Low-cost evaluation platform for Hercules™ MCUs targeted at safety-critical designs. More >>


With efficiency near 45%, this multijunction photovoltaic cell gives concentrated PV a sunny outlook... More >>


Converting from brushed motors to three-phase brushless variable speed with torque control More >>


Windtech's Zero Contact Transmission has the advantages of a gearbox without its inefficiencies. Wil... More >>


IP video technology enables high definition streaming and analytics for security, automotive and per... More >>


Safrema Energy thinks that its Nexus vertical axis water turbine will leave other designs in its wak... More >>


4-chip solution delivers low-power, small-format wireless body sensor. More >>


Solar Grid Storage uses the Power Purchase Agreement model to provide storage for photovoltaic syste... More >>


The Designspark Mechanical Gift of Invention challenge has completed with life-changing designs pres... More >>


Designing small cell base stations requires rethinking digital radio front-ends More >>


The ZEROs Modeling software helps design energy-efficient houses - even those that use zero net ener... More >>


Introduce your new 3D design software, DesignSpark Mechanical, by hosting a design challenge for gro... More >>


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