An inexpensive cathode-coating process may be the key to longer-lasting batteries. More >>


A look at what the BMS does for EVs and the many ways batteries are modeled. More >>


Two new e-bikes are hitting the market in 2020. Let’s check out the technology that makes them go. More >>


An overview of battery management systems and electronic protection circuitry. More >>


SnapEDA now offers RECOM power electronics symbols and footprints for PCB design. More >>


A battery down under gets an upgrade, furthering its claim to be the world's biggest battery. More >>


VTT researchers explore the advantages of cellulose as fiber material. More >>


A new design for silicon integrated circuits has doubled the number of transistors per chip. More >>


The new NE310H2-W1 and NL865H2-W1 NB-IoT modules promise enhanced connectivity. More >>


3D printing electronic components opens a new realm of possibilities, but it's far from perfect. More >>


MEAN WELL has released a new driver capable of powering 1,000W LED lights. More >>


The E3AS sensors offer increased sensing range and environmental robustness. More >>


Discredited experts + Russian TV station = Panic More >>


While the cloud improves energy consumption, it grows the carbon footprint of the IT sector. More >>


National weather service warns 5G signals interference could set weather forecasting back 40 years. More >>


TE Connectivity introduces the KMA36 magnetic encoder IC More >>


Yotta Energy developed a plug-n-play battery system for behind-the-meter energy storage with solar. More >>


An in-depth look at achieving the best performance in power supplies. More >>


Smart sensors may be the key to restoring our crumbling infrastructure. More >>


Altium LLC has announced a new version of the firm’s PCB design software, Altium Designer 20. More >>


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