New electronic systems can simplify the design of autonomous features More >>


A new material makes Li-ion batteries fire-proof and improves their performance and lifespan. More >>


Ultra low dropout linear regulators support complex power requirements for harsh environments More >>


Solar Power companies have a variety of tools and products available to help lower the cost of desig... More >>


Ford hopes that its CMAX Energi concept car will lead the way towards solar-powered vehicles. Don't ... More >>


The Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer (WITT) converts chaotic motion into usable electricity. More >>


In a fire, this fuse automatically disconnects a solar panel, protecting firefighters from electrica... More >>


ARM® Cortex-M4 based MCUs offer Ethernet MAC+PHY connectivity. More >>


Connect your microcontroller-based design to the internet. More >>


This Google Glass app could make solar installations easier and more efficient. More >>


NREL's report on reducing PV costs offers many opportunities for innovative companies. Who will beco... More >>


Vestas has an automatic wind turbine de-icing system that combines sensors, databases, communication... More >>


A compact, low-power microcontroller to monitor temperature. More >>


A new kind of electronic paper could make E-Book readers that don't require batteries. Can the same ... More >>


Hardware and software solutions for medical and industrial MCU applications More >>


Tiny liquid lenses could bring sunlight to interior rooms.  More >>


Access over 4 billion possible capacitor values through this one simple interface. It happens a... More >>


Underwater kite flying might sound like an unusual hobby, but it may turn out to be a viable source ... More >>


Lumilife led globe and lighting base article More >>


Touch board allows you to add up to 12 conductive touch sensors to your project or design. More >>


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