The ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered is the first electric car to compete in the gruelling Dakar Rally. More >>


For those of you not old enough to remember, here was a time when circuits were designed and prototy... More >>


C2000 Piccolo microcontrollers offer control solutions for high DC voltage and current output for D... More >>


Testing System for Microprocessor Apps includes example software and BoosterPacks More >>


Instantly implement ZigBee® light link protocol to create designs using the CC2531 System-on-Chi... More >>


These five Concentrated Solar Power plants went online in 2014, increasing solar capacity by more th... More >>


Power Line Communication kits support wide range of power control applications More >>


Our century-old power grid runs well … for now. But there are plenty of opportunities to impr... More >>


Are gas-powered peaker plants going the way of the dinosaur? This 100 MW battery might be the prover... More >>


TI’s WiLink 8 Modules for consumer and industrial applications More >>


Library of sensors for everything from infrared to humidity and capacitance. More >>


The USAF is converting its non-tactical fleet to electric vehicles. Their research will help develop... More >>


With a new version of DesignSpark Mechanical and its advanced features comes another power hack cont... More >>


Monitor and Control Equipment Using Existing Power Infrastructure More >>


Superconducting field coils eliminate gearboxes, reducing the cost, weight, and maintenance of wind ... More >>


Engineers can learn a lot from noise, and not always what we expect More >>


SolidEnergy’s Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid battery packs more energy into a smaller space. Good ... More >>


By Aditya Singhal Supercapacitors coupled with a regular battery form a specific kind of “sup... More >>


The FourFold photovoltaic-thermal module captures four times the energy of a standard PV module, and... More >>


Solar panels that look like regular building materials could make building-integrated PV ubiquitous.... More >>


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