A look at the MEAN WELL NMP and UMP-400 series of configurable power supplies. More >>


Studies are helping engineers make better estimates of energy production from bifacial solar arrays. More >>


A look at MEAN WELL’s modular rack power system and high density supply modules. More >>


ON Semiconductor claims that new SiC MOSFETs boost performance and reliability compared to silicon. More >>


Renesas Electronics’ 8V97003 offers high frequency range and low phase noise. More >>


NXP and Sequans partner to offer platform for LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity. More >>


A look at the challenges, benefits, and technologies of battery recycling. More >>


The compact IPM7 series is designed for fan motor applications. More >>


Secure Element chip helps smartphones and tablets guard sensitive data. More >>


Cypress has revealed new details and specifications for its upcoming USB-C controllers. More >>


A look at traditional and optimized methods of battery charging. More >>


The EFR32FG22 SoCs are designed for power- and size-constrained IoT devices. More >>


Floating solar arrays could generate 400GW of clean electricity. More >>


Samsung’s Flashbolt memory targets supercomputer and AI applications. More >>


The ION9000T includes new capabilities designed to protect against critical outages. More >>


An in-depth look at estimating SOC, SOH, internal temperature and joint state. More >>


An inexpensive cathode-coating process may be the key to longer-lasting batteries. More >>


A look at what the BMS does for EVs and the many ways batteries are modeled. More >>


Two new e-bikes are hitting the market in 2020. Let’s check out the technology that makes them go. More >>


An overview of battery management systems and electronic protection circuitry. More >>


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